24 July 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Bear!

My shy toddler has turned into a thoughtful, inquisitive, talkative little boy - seemingly overnight. He turns FOUR tomorrow! We enjoyed a nice, low-key birthday party at a local park on Saturday. Five of Benny's friends attended: Toby, Thatcher, and Theo (the boys from the block) and Eli and Kaeden (friends from school). Nana and Papa, Papa Knucks and Kat, and Uncle Josh also made an appearance. Benny loved it, so it was a success. Kat made the cake: a ladybug cake. Benny has been requesting a ladybug cake since his birthday last year. My mom has been collecting ladybug gear since that request, so we had plenty of bug-themed decorations to go around.

We bought water squirters (or, guns, as most people call them) and water balloons. The water toys and the playground provided just the right amount of entertainment for the boys to hold off getting too excited about cake and presents.

Benny truly is a unique kid. He loves to push our buttons, so he's been a handful lately. But he also loves to help out and please us, so he often assists with the laundry and picking things up. I love his personality and his sense of humor. It's amazing that we can have actual conversations with him now - about everything from how hail is formed to how ferris wheels look like big fans (a subject for another post). He asks about nearly everything now. And with every passing day, he understands more about everything. I never thought I could love him more than I loved him on the day he was born. But I love him about a thousand times more than that!

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