Starting in January 2013, I started riding my bike (nearly) everyday and encouraged others to consider riding more. The goal of the #everydayonabike challenge is to collect at least 365 photos of people riding their bikes via Instagram (one for every day of the year). The purpose is to 1. Use the challenge to motivate myself (and, by extension, my family) to ride more and 2. Encourage others to consider biking as an easy and fun and empowering way to get around (I like to think of it as a mini-bike advocacy/community-building activity). Please consider joining me!

The "rules":

1. Take a picture of yourself, your bike or someone else riding a bike before, during or after a bike ride (it doesn't matter when, so long as you rode your bike on that day).

2. Load your photo to Instagram and tag it #everydayonabike. If you don't have an Instagram account, feel free to email me your photo with a short description and I'll post the photos. 

3. Check out all of the cool bike/biker photos at #everydayonabike.

Every month, I'll compile photos and stories and highlight one rider(s) and his/her/their story at the end of the month. Most of the months will include a theme and some months will include a chance for a giveaway if you post during a specific time period, so check back often! Also, find me on Instagram @sarastruckman.

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Casey said...

I love this! I'd love to feature your instagram feed and blog on I Love The Internet this week. Can you email me at lifewithroozle@gmail.com to discuss? Thanks!!