28 December 2010

Lila: Three Months

Lila turned three months on December 27. She had a great Christmas. She got some cute clothes, fun chew toys, and other various baby items. She is no longer a newborn and is officially a baby.

She doesn't like tummy time, but she's pushing herself up now. She's also smiling like crazy. Huge, full mouth smiles. They are fantastic!

27 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Struckman-Brown family! Check out our holiday card here. (It only opens in Explorer.) We didn't send out a paper copy this year. We're going green!

17 December 2010

November Pics

Lila: Two Months

It seems that I'm about one month behind on posting pictures of Lila. She's two months and smiling in this photo. I'm not sure we've taken any more pictures of her since then! Yikes - second child syndrome!

She'll be a whole three months old on Monday (when I return to work - yuck!). She's in Benny's room now and we're all sleeping better (for now). Her head control is improving and she likes to "socialize" with us. Sometimes when she cries she's just letting us know that she wants to look at us and smile and coo. Cutie patootie!

03 December 2010


Thanksgiving weekend was perfect at the Struckman-Brown house. We made a 14 lb. turkey and all of the fixings on Thursday. We are still eating leftovers. My family came into town for a quick visit on Friday. And we generally relaxed and caught up on sleep the rest of the weekend. On Sunday I sat down on the couch to feed Lila. The curtains were open and I was daydreaming. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I noticed a pick up parked outside of our house with someone sitting in it. I didn't think much of the situation. But the guy was just sitting. So, I kept an eye on the pickup.


I saw something moving in the passenger seat. At first I thought it was a dog jumping up and down. Then I realized what was happening: I yelled to Nate, "I think someone is getting a blow job outside of our house!" Nate ran into the living room to take a look. When the girl came up for air, I was sure what was happening.

I provided commentary to Nate since I was stuck on the couch. I said things like, "Who gets a blow job on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood?" and "She just came up for air" and "She's still going!" and "Did she just swallow?" Nate thought it was fascinating.

So, that's right, faithful reader: I watched some random guy get a blow job while breastfeeding my daughter. Keep it classy Park Hill!