03 December 2010


Thanksgiving weekend was perfect at the Struckman-Brown house. We made a 14 lb. turkey and all of the fixings on Thursday. We are still eating leftovers. My family came into town for a quick visit on Friday. And we generally relaxed and caught up on sleep the rest of the weekend. On Sunday I sat down on the couch to feed Lila. The curtains were open and I was daydreaming. It was a gorgeous sunny day. I noticed a pick up parked outside of our house with someone sitting in it. I didn't think much of the situation. But the guy was just sitting. So, I kept an eye on the pickup.


I saw something moving in the passenger seat. At first I thought it was a dog jumping up and down. Then I realized what was happening: I yelled to Nate, "I think someone is getting a blow job outside of our house!" Nate ran into the living room to take a look. When the girl came up for air, I was sure what was happening.

I provided commentary to Nate since I was stuck on the couch. I said things like, "Who gets a blow job on a sunny Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood?" and "She just came up for air" and "She's still going!" and "Did she just swallow?" Nate thought it was fascinating.

So, that's right, faithful reader: I watched some random guy get a blow job while breastfeeding my daughter. Keep it classy Park Hill!

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April said...

That is hillarious!!!