26 June 2012

The News

Sorry for the prolonged suspense. I didn't anticipate that this process would take so long. I had to wait until Nate had contract in hand and two weeks submitted before I could report that he has been offered - and has accepted - a new job! He'll be working in the same industry for a larger consulting firm. I'm so proud of him!

The move will be a bit bittersweet. We moved to Denver so that he could work at his current firm. It's been a good four and a half years for him, but it was time to move on. The new firm is downtown, which cuts his commute in more than half. It also means that he can ride the bus or ride his bike. He'll have more responsibility, which he's been craving. Oh, and the salary is higher too.

Everything seems to be coming together lately. With my increased flexibility, I can drop the kids off and pick them up so that he can use public transportation or bike. And since I'm working from home, I can do the same. I'm also looking forward to lunch dates. His current office is too far away for a quick lunch.

Way to go, Nate!


Golden Paisley Photography said...

I had ro re-read this to make sure you weren't moving town! Congrats to Nate!

Sara Struckman said...

Wow! I didn't intentionally use the word "move" to throw anyone off! But it's in there a lot. We're definitely sticking around :).