03 September 2013

#everydayonabike in August

It happened again... I wasn't able to ride every single day this month. Travel and schedules prevented that from happening. And the one day when the temperature hovered at 95 degrees and I had a meeting 8.5 miles away. I decided to drive that day. However, it's been a good, solid month of riding - even with a short-lived but excruciating back injury at the end of the month.

School started a week ago. This year, I'm hoping to ride to school everyday since I can drop Lila off before I can drop Benny off. Last year, she was at a daycare that was just far enough away that it made the logistics of riding a bike to drop off pretty unlikely on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Since both kids are a bit older and more used to the elements now, I'm hoping to outfit them appropriately throughout the school year and avoid driving as much as possible.

Other items of note this month: Benny got a new, bigger bike for his birthday. He's built up some good stamina over the summer months and now that he has bigger tires, I have to keep up with him instead of the other way around. That has made our trips to school pretty pleasant.

We are now up to 452 pictures on #everydayonabike. The photos on Instagram are slowing a bit - mostly because I'm forgetting to take a picture for every bike ride. But that doesn't mean I'm not riding. Here are the stats for the month:

31 photos // 19 photos posted by me // 12 posted by others

We're moving into fall, so some of the best riding weather is waiting!

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