01 October 2012

The Potty Chronicles

Here we go again! Anyone remember my series of posts about Benny's potty training experience? Thanks to some overzealous parents, it lasted about 18 months - or about 17 months too long. Benny expressed interest in peeing on the potty at around 18 months, so we rushed out to buy him new underwear and a toddler toilet. New parent mistake. Apparently expressing interest does not equate to actually being ready to go diaper-free. Benny was stubborn. We endured countless diaper-free weekends when we let him drink gallons of juice boxes and sit in front of movies all day - all in the hopes that he would learn to pee in the potty.

Well, we did everything we were supposed to do to have an early potty trainer: cloth diapers and lots of diaper-free periods. Alas, Benny potty trained when Benny was ready to potty train - just before he turned 3. As a result, we've been much more "chill" about Lila's experience.

However, I find myself increasingly frustrated with my daughter's obstinance. She is happy to pee in the potty when it's her idea. For example, we often let her run around naked in the evening right before jams. In those moments, she toddles right into the bathroom and pees in her toilet. She's done that 5 or 6 times. No cajoling, no pleading. If we ask her to pee in the potty, she refuses. When she has to pee, she simply asks for a diaper. See??? She totally knows when she has to pee, which is the first and, from what I understand, hardest step.

Oh, and one of the only ways Lila will actually sit on the potty when it's not her idea is to have Benny read to her. He feels pretty special.

So, I suppose I'm going to have to work harder with some diaper-free weekends. Let the games begin.

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