29 November 2013

Neglected November

As many bloggers before me, I am struggling with this space and what to do with it. Mostly I'm struggling with time and motivation. I've been blogging going on six years now. Now that the kids are getting older, I'm not sure an online format is the best choice to record events and developments in their lives. I'd rather not embarrass them (too much) in the future. I'll make a decision on what to do in the next month or so.

We have had a wonderful November, albeit it neglected here. We're spending our last night in western Colorado. It's our third Thanksgiving here and we love the new traditions.


Ann Wyse said...

Oh, Sara. I do hope you keep blogging. I like your blog immensely! I read your blog most intently for all the other things you write about, less your kids. (Although 'cleaning with children is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos' is an ongoing mantra in my head now.) But I understand how things change and blogging feels less right. So mostly, just to say, *I* will miss you if you stop, but I hope you find the answer that's best for you.

Bobbie said...

I'm finding myself in a similar blog-identity crisis as well. I've been finding it hard to find things I want to write about. I really love the community that blogging has made available to me, so it's hard to keep going when all your friends decide to quit. Not that you should keep writing just for me :)

Regardless of what you end up doing here, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to read if you choose to keep writing. And if you don't, I just want to say I am glad to have met you through your blog and am glad to have you as a friend.

life's a bear said...

Oh boy, thanks Ann and Bobbie. Still not sure what I want to do. Ann, are you on FB? I keep up with Bobbie there. Plus, we still need to get together. Bobbie, I agree, this community has been great. It would be hard to give up!