17 August 2011

Half-Marathon Training: Update

Here's the deal: Running more than five miles without a partner is really hard. Running more than five miles with kids is really hard. And running more than five miles with a busted foot and knee is really hard. I don't want to wuss out on this half-marathon, but I'm trying to decide if running it and risking injury is really worth it. Plus, I missed the early registration date, so I'm going to pay considerably more for registration now. Grrrr. I thought I was back.

So, here's the new plan. I will run between 3-5 miles a few times a week. I can squeeze those distances in pretty easily and Lila doesn't mind accompanying me. Luckily I live in Denver, which means that I can run outside year-round. I will begin training, with a partner, for a half-marathon next spring. Perhaps I'll even find more time when Lila isn't such a handful.

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