16 November 2011

So I Married a Rock Star

As I sit here, Nate is rocking out with three friends. He does it every Wednesday night. They've played a few gigs and now he fancies himself a rock star. It's not the first time he's been part of a band. Since we started dating, he's been part of at least three bands. He loves it. I love it, but being the wife of a rock star is never easy.

The boys of Sweet Corn will be entertaining the masses on Friday, December 9 at 9 p.m. at the Mead Street Station in the Highlands. I promised Nate that I'd spread the word. I recruited three co-workers and a couple of friends to come out to support the band. If you're in the Denver area, consider checking the show out. It will be a good time. And you can party with this mama! My parents will be in town to babysit, so I will be prepared to get my rock on.

By the way, I "designed" this flier in about five minutes. Whatcha think? I may have committed to coming up with a logo for the band, but I'm stumped. If you couldn't tell, there's a shout out to Iowa here. Three of the boys in the band grew up in Iowa.

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Brownie said...

Your flyer is superior to mine. There, I said it.