17 January 2013

Remembering Nana Lila

Yesterday we received a dreaded message - a message that we knew one day would come, but couldn't fully prepare ourselves for it. Nana Lila passed away early Monday morning.

Last year, at about this time, we were planning on hosting Nana Lila for another visit in the spring. Then she fell and broke a hip. During surgery, she had a pretty severe stroke. She never really recovered. The visit was postponed and then cancelled when we realized that Lila would not fully recover. Overnight, she went from an active octogenarian to confined to a bed.

Nana Lila was a wonderful great-grandmother. She loved the kids. She loved Iowa basketball. She made a mean rhubarb pie. She loved her grandkids. She was incredibly close to Nate's mom and always kept her memory alive. She had the most amazing clear blue eyes that she passed on to both Benny and Lila.

We'll be traveling to Iowa this weekend to remember Lila. To say that we'll miss her is such an understatement.


Ann Wyse said...

I'm sorry to hear this. She sounds like a great woman.
Have a safe trip.

alexintransition said...

Best wishes to you and your family during this time. I am sorry for your loss.

Simply Bike said...

Nana Lila sounds like a beautiful person! And it's so sweet that her name will live on with your own litte Lila :) I'm sorry for your loss and wish you safe travels to our side of the coutry.

Jesi Langdale said...

I haven't seen my great grandmother in over 4 years and she has never seen my son! We live on opposite sides of the country (USA) and this reminds me how much I need to visit, I miss her so much! Much love to you in this loss.