14 December 2012

December Day-By-Day, Week 2

Day 8: Love - Wow, what a coincidence that the "love" day was on Nate's birthday. I love this man!
Day 9: Out + About - The weather has finally turned "normal" around here, i.e. cold. I've been taking some time everyday to walk around the neighborhood. One day I found some roses that have refused to die, despite below freezing weather.
Day 10: Under - See above, the part about taking some time to walk. Lila and I had to get all sorts of bundled up under layers for what was a cozy walk.
Day 11: Sweet - Clementines are one of my favorite foods of the season. And good thing ... on this particular day, I was recovery from yet another holiday party. I'm nearly holiday partied out.

Day 12: Hat - The colder weather turned warm for a day. No hats needed in 60 degree weather (coats either, for that matter). P.S. Look at those beautiful blue eyes!

Day 13: Lights - The snowman next door that Lila insists is a dog.
Day 14: Something Green - We have a tiny artificial tree. And our kids love it. They regularly rearrange the ornaments.

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