31 August 2011


Two completely separate thoughts. One simple word to link them together: Confession. Let's see if I can make this work.

1. Perhaps I should begin this session with, "Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."

I've never been much of a blog reader. I started my blog a couple of years ago mostly for my memory of Benny's (and now Lila's) younger years. It was somewhat haphazard and I often figured I would lack anything interesting to write about - save for Benny's first steps, first words, and other updates. Over the span of two years, I've realized that I have plenty of mundane things to write about: gardening, home improvementing, reading, accomplishing (or not) goals, in addition to the kids.

However, lately I've been consumed by other blogs. And when I say consumed, I mean I find a blog I like and I read the ENTIRE thing - every entry, every picture, every link. It's bordering on an obsession. And perhaps stalking. And when I get to the very first entry, as I inevitably do, I am somewhat disappointed because I'll have to wait for the blog to be updated. No wonder I have no free time.

On the upside, I found a kindred blog spirit, if you will, in Are We There Yet? The author of this blog doesn't know it, but I think she's pretty great. And I've realized that I'm desperately lacking in a fashion sense from Mama Loves Papa. I think she's pretty great too.

Think that would fly at confession? Probably not. I don't think being consumed by specific blogs is a cardinal sin of Catholicism. Of parenting, yes. Of time management, yes. But of Catholicism, no.

And that brings me to the second topic of the day: God. See, I told you the two thoughts were related.

2. We made a quick post-dinner trip to the park tonight. It's always fun to get the kids outside before bedtime - wear them out just a little bit more... On the way home from the park, we passed a church. Benny asked, "Is that a church?" Yes, it's a church. "Why isn't anyone singing?" Benny associates every church with the church across the street from us. It's a Spanish-speaking Pentecostal/Baptist Church (don't ask me how, please). They can get pretty excited in there every Tuesday and Friday night and all day Sunday. Nine months out of the year, they aren't bad neighbors to have. But in the summer, well, without air conditioning, things can get a little out of hand.

But, back to the original purpose of the second topic: God. I told Benny that not every church has as much singing as the one across the street. As I explained, "They're pretty excited about God." Pause. I knew this question was coming: "God, what is that?" And there you have it: Our complete lack of interest in religion is finally rearing its head. I have no problem with people who go to church, believe in God, etc. It's just not for us (which is a gross oversimplification of the issue, but that's another story for another post). But, I think it may be time to start having the God conversation with Benny. How do we explain THAT to a four year old when we ourselves don't really believe?

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Janice said...

Have you read The Bloggess? It isn't your typical "mom" blog but she is pretty funny! And I have to admit I LOVED your God post! I have been struggling with answering these questions for several years now and what I've found is that they don't really care what you tell them so long as you tell them something! So I just stumble through and do my best and they both are like OK whatever...on to the next question! Good luck and keep us posted!