05 October 2008

In Memory of Barb

Nate, Benny, and I woke up early this morning for the annual Race for the Cure. Nate's mom found out that she had breast cancer when he was in high school. She had it treated and went into remission. Then, a couple of weeks after we got married in 2004, she told us that the breast cancer was back - on her liver. Her doctors gave her a lot of hope. She had a lot of hope. Subsequently, we had a lot of hope.

Looking back, we probably should have been more concerned. But for those of you who knew Barb, you know that she didn't want anyone to be concerned. She was an amazing lady with an indomitable spirit.

We ran our first Race for the Cure in Austin in 2005. We saw people with signs that said "In Memory of ..." We never, not for a minute, thought we would have to wear those signs. Today we filled out three signs: "In Memory of Barb," "In Memory of Mom," and "In Memory of Grandma."

Nate warned me that he would probably get emotional. I didn't know how I would handle the event. As we started to run, I thought of Barb and was overcome by sadness. I miss her often, but it's gotten easier over the past two years. She wasn't my mom, but she was my family. I loved her very much and I hate that she never got to meet The Bear.

So for all of you you women out there, please, please, please stay vigilant about your health. You will never know how many people will miss you when you're gone.

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Anonymous said...

Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers! As is Nate's mom. Just remember she is never more than a heartbeat away as she lives on through each of you.