14 May 2012

Happy to Be a Mama

Benny is learning how to use the camera!
My babies!

Happy belated Mother's Day! Sometimes, in the middle of the day, when Benny is whining and Lila is crying, I get caught up in the moment of frustration. But, there are so many good moments. So many touching moments. So many amazing moments. It's the good and the frustrating moments together that make being a mom worth it.

Mother's Day weekend was filled with many GREAT moments, including a double date with Nate and some great friends. A complete transformation of the backyard (courtesy of Nate, his dad and his brother). A delicious BBQ to celebrate the new yard. A 7-mile run. A family bike ride to the local ice cream spot. And, finally, a gift certificate for a FOUR HOUR spa appointment in two weeks. Nate really stepped it up a notch this Mother's Day.

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