06 November 2008

Mommy Bear Has Calmed Down

Thanks, everyone, for your concern about Benny - and your thoughts about motherhood and worrying and anxiety. Watching Benny over the past week or so, I'm convinced that he's fine. I'm not sure what was up for a week or so when he was acting a little off, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it had something to do with the three molars he was breaking. Plus, I spoke with the lady who would have evaluated Benny and she agreed that he was too young to make any conclusions.

Benny and I are spending the week with my parents because my aunt and uncle are visiting from California. My aunt was a speech therapist before she retired last year. She said that Benny is making some really complicated noises for his age. Apparently a lot of kids focus on "easy" sounds that come from the front of the mouth (mama, dada, baba). Benny is already saying "goo goo goo" for good and he pluralizes words like "lights." So, it sounds like his speech is coming along fine. Plus he's been jabbering a lot and my aunt thinks he'll talk A LOT once he starts talking (he comes by that naturally, thanks Grandma Barb).

So, I'm sleeping and eating regularly again. And I've resumed watching Benny in wonder and not in worry. Man, this motherhood thing is pretty freaking tough!

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Anonymous said...

Yay I am so glad to hear it. Being a mommy is a challenging thing and it's pretty normal to have your worries! Hang in there and you and Lil Benny will be just fine!!!