11 November 2008

Moving Day, Week, Month...

We are (almost) successfully moved out of our apartment and into the house. Having a basement totally rocks because we threw all of the boxes down there so the upstairs doesn’t look too bad. Granted, I’m still getting dressed in the closet and waiting for the windows in the bathroom to steam over before I get into the shower, but the settling phase has begun. (You see, we bought blinds, but we’re having issues putting them up. Thus, I’m hiding my naked body from our new neighbors.)

Here’s what happens when you buy a house, work full time (Nate), try to write a dissertation (me), AND have a 15-month-old little fella: the hours of the day melt into nothing. It’s taken me two full days to unpack the kitchen – and I’m not even finished yet (thanks to Maureen who helped this process along by coming over and lending a hand). Benny isn’t too keen on me focusing most of my attention on unpacking boxes. He’s OK for awhile and then I find him waste deep in a dusty cabinet I have yet to clean out. Oy vey!

Our goal is to feel “settled” by the beginning of the year. We’d like to paint the rest of the house, hang stuff on the walls, put the stuff in the basement away, install a new back door. That’s in addition to me finishing a draft of two chapters by the end of this month (that’s not going so well), Nate starting some consulting work he’s doing on the side, celebrating the holidays, and giving Benny plenty of attention. I’m starting to feel slightly overwhelmed.

The moving month (year?) has officially begun! Happy freaking holidays :)!


eallis said...

Cheap window dressing option: When I moved into my flat in Paris it was supposed to be totally furnished. Unfortunately the tenant before me took the curtains with her and my landlord said he would not pay for replacement (what a nice guy). Anyway – I found some yellow printing paper and taped it to the window (I must have used at least 15 sheets). It has worked perfectly for the last 7 months. As I doubt I am going to set up permanent residence in Paris, I really don’t care to invest in curtains. This could be an option until you figure out the blinds.

Sara Struckman said...

If we don't get the blinds up this weekend, I'm definitely going to use your suggestion! Hope all is well!