08 November 2008

Life, in Transition

Moving day has come. And gone. Sort of. Nate's dad and a family friend were in town yesterday to help us move. We've cleared our apartment out of big stuff; now just odds and ends remain (and I'm supposed to be packing, but I'm engaging in a little typing therapy instead).

We slept at our new house yesterday. I have many mixed emotions about owning a home. Obviously I'm really excited. But I'm also a feeling a little unorganized and daunted by all of the projects on our to-do list over the next decade or so. We spent a good chunk of change at Home Depot today to outfit our place with blinds, shower curtains, etc. As a lifelong renter, I have always taken stuff like that for granted. Now we actually have to pay for it.

So now we move and unpack and settle into a new life. A good life. A life that will, no doubt, be filled with many ups and and downs and DIY projects!!!


Anonymous said...

Your post makes me laugh because this weekend I decided to take on a er "weekend" project - resurfacing my kitchen cabinets. I started Friday night and my cabinets now lay on the floor in the kitchen, primed but unpainted, the lower part of my kitchen is almost the right color (another coat of paint is needed) and the rest is just in a huge disaray! LOL. Oh the joys of owning a home!!! Congrats girl, the fun is just beginning!

Katy said...

If you ever need any advice on, let's see..., ANY home project, just ask. We're happy to help just as long as it's not our home or our money. :)