20 December 2008


So, I sort of feel like a moron. I've been wondering how to post a photo in a blog post, thinking there was some sort of really high tech, confusing way to do it. Well, as it turns out, I can post photos via the tool bar. Doy! But while I was trying to figure all of this out, I also decided to change the layout. You know, shake things up a bit. It's nearly a new year. Why not? Benny and I leave for Nebraska tomorrow and then the whole Struckman/Brown family (including the Matt - yes, the same Matt of the "Brother-in-Law Experiment") will embark on an epic Christmas journey to the Quad Cities. OK, OK, perhaps it's not epic. But it will be longggg. If I don't post until after Christmas, have a very merry one!

P.S. Here's our family picture for the holidays - embedded in the post!!!

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JIA said...

You look great in the picture, Sara! And of course Benny and Nate, too! Merry Christmas!