01 October 2009

New Season, New Goals

Fall is officially in full swing. I haven't checked my list of things to accomplish in awhile. I checked it today (at work, bad me) and realized that the list has been a good motivator for me to do things. For example:

#23. Make bed every morning. I've been almost 100 percent here. Whenever I'm home in the morning, I make the bed. It's become routine. Granted, that's only three days a week. But Nate has also started making the bed when I leave early (not often, but sometimes). He also makes a point to tell me when he's made the bed.

#17. Attend at least three book readings. I love to hear how authors craft their stories. It's fascinating to me! I'm attending a book reading and signing this weekend of one of my favorite authors: Margaret Atwood. I had to buy the hard copy of her new book to get a ticket, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity chance to see a prolific writer talk about her craft. I'm very excited!

#66. Grow bangs out. I would have done this regardless of the list. But, it's been nice to document my progress. And remind myself why bangs are a BAD idea in the first place. Too bad a new girl started and has super cute bangs. Makes me think...

#58. Sweep and mop kitchen every week for three months. I've delegated this chore to Nate. One way to be productive is to delegate. I'll take the credit!

Now I'm going to focus on the easier items to complete: writing friends and family, surprising my mom with little gifts, going on family bike rides. Gotta start making that stuff happen!

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