01 April 2010

Big. Like, Really BIG!

The other day a co-worker mentioned that she saw a pregnant lady who looked like she was ready to burst. I said, "You ain't seen nothing yet!" and proceeded to find a picture of myself when I was uber preggers with Benny. Here's the picture:

Her response: "Wow!" Laugh laugh. Ha ha. And then I had a moment of clarity, "I'm going to get THAT BIG again." No more laughing. Sigh. The thing is, I wasn't even full term in that picture. That was probably taken around 36 weeks. And I'm well on my way. I can still wear some of my normal pants (only because my bump is setting up high this time), but I'm already in maternity shirts. I had hoped to wait until at least five months to fully transition into maternity gear. Now it's looking more like four months. Yikes! It's a good thing babies are so freaking cute!


Katy said...

OMG sara. I just saw the picture and hadn't read the story. I panicked and thought holy cow I thought she was only like 4ish months!!! hahahaha. You must let me take pictures of your new babe once he/she arrives! My treat!

Sara Struckman said...

Hahahahaha! I would be slightly depressed if I was this big now!

Jolly Green Mama said...

when are you due???? i, too, was like whhhatttttt you're that far along?!?!?!?! but seriously, when will the baby be "cooked" all the way? are you going to luke's weddin'? i tried to call today, but no answer. i'll try again soon.

Jolly Green Mama said...
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