02 June 2010


Every time I try to pull away from research and academia, something pulls me back in. Two weeks ago, I received my complimentary copy of Muslim Women in War and Crisis. It's a collection of articles about, you guessed it, Muslim women in war and crisis. I wrote one of the chapers. It's a gorgeous book. I'm very proud of my chapter. Last week I received a message from my dissertation advisor. We collaborated on a paper a few years ago. We have submitted it to several journals and have been rejected from them all. The most recent message came with the news that a journal is interested in publishing the article, with a few revisions. Whoa. With all of that news, I decided that maybe it's time to dust off some of my old papers and start submitting them to journals. So this weekend I'm going to spend some time revising a paper I presented at a conference nearly two years ago. It's about women organizing against war. I'll keep you posted...

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