19 November 2010

Heading Back to Crazy?

One of my biggest reservations about getting pregnant again was experiencing postpartum depression again. Women who experience PPD with one child are more likely to experience it with subsequent children. But, as many of my PPD friends say, at least you're prepared to recognize the symptoms earlier and deal with them.

Lila has been an extremely easy baby. She has an excellent disposition and sleeps fairly well for a nearly two-month-old babe. However, about two weeks ago she caught a minor head cold. She was so congested that she couldn't really eat or sleep well for a week. That means that I didn't sleep well. To top it all off, Nate had his vasectomy performed in the middle of this chaos. I was doing double duty on less sleep. At least my friend Jayne was in town to help out!

This all added up to some minor anxiety last weekend. It was bad enough that I couldn't sleep well. Luckily, I had spoken with my OB about my history with PPD and requested a backup of anti-depressants. I figured having them in the house would make me feel better. I'm really happy that I had that foresight.

The anxiety has decreased in the past week (thanks to some good sleep) and I've decided to take the anti-depressants for the next few months. I'm hoping to avoid another case of the crazies. As long as I can get through the next two months and continue to get decent sleep, I think I can make it. Here's hoping that I'm not heading back to crazy!

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April said...

Hang in there sweety! Your openess and honesty on the subject is great and I can imagine that it will help you avoid the "crazies". Sending positive vibes your way!