28 February 2011

Book Review: Super Baby Food

Technically, I haven't read this entire book. And, technically, it doesn't count in my goal to read 20 books because I read it when Benny started eating solid foods. But since Lila is now eating solid foods, I'll be consulting it weekly. If you have babies who are ready to eat solids, this is a great book to check out.

With Benny, we sort of fell into natural parenting. My cheapness helped in that regard. We decided on a natural birth at a birthing center because our neighbors had had such a good experience. I never even knew birthing centers existed before getting pregnant. Said neighbors also used cloth diapers, so we decided to check those out as well. When I realized how much money we could save, I was hooked. It also helped to know that we wouldn't be throwing two to three year's worth of diapers away. When it came to baby food, I never imagined that parents could make their own. I only knew of the canned sort in the supermarket. Nate's boss's wife told us about Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. It's a step-by-step guide to making baby food.

It turns out that making baby food is ridiculously easy. So easy, I don't really understand why the baby food market is so huge. Plus, it's so cheap. So, so cheap. I made a tray of avocado and bananas yesterday in less than five minutes (for about $2) and now I have food for Lila for at least two weeks.

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