04 March 2011

Last Summer...

Some crazy things happened to us last summer. I never wrote about them here because they were incredibly dramatic, traumatic, and upsetting. To top it all off, they happened within weeks of each other.

The first was that Benny's daycare closed for nearly two months. I was eight months pregnant when it happened. We had just transferred Benny to The Children's Center. He loved it and we loved it. In August, there were reports of child molestation. The Center was temporarily closed shortly thereafter. We were shocked, stunned, upset, confused. Our first reaction was to find a new daycare for Benny and be done with it. But, after listening to some parents and thinking through things, we decided to wait it out and hope that the Center would reopen. We pieced together childcare. It was rough. The Center did re-open - only about two weeks before Lila joined us. A local magazine, 5280, published a story about what happened.

Five months later, we are very happy with our decision to keep Benny at the Center. He loves it there. Loves his teachers, loves his friends. I still find myself having doubts about the Center, but as we meet more parents and get more involved, I'm also encouraged by the community associated with the Center.

The second event, which requires a whole new blog post, involves our neighbor (the same crazy neighbor who I've written about before). Long story short, she passed out on our porch the same night we found out that The Children's Center was closing. But that's a story for a different day!

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