20 February 2011

A Big Day

All the stars aligned last night, so we decided that today was the day we would introduce Lila to solid foods. She was ready. She watched, with keen interest, whenever we ate. So, she got a small portion of rice cereal this afternoon. She spit out the first few spoonfuls, but was very interested in taking more bites as the meal wore on. She did fantastic!

But the big news is that she rolled over! I didn't even get to see it. Nate put her in her crib for a nap while I was out for a walk. He went back in her room because he said she seemed upset. All the the sudden, boom, she rolled over! (Note: Lila is a belly sleeper. Don't tell our pediatrician.) So, she's ready for the next milestone: Sitting up. She's not too far away from that either. She can sit up with some minor support now. Exciting times in the Struckman-Brown house!

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