15 February 2011

Spring Break 2011: Pump and Party!

The annual spring break trip is here and gone. It was our seventh year meeting as an almost group: Jayne, Smaifeld, Katie, and me. Year 1: San Diego. Year 2: San Diego. Year 3: San Francisco. Year 4: Denver. Year 5: Greater Des Moines Area. Year 6: Minneapolis. Year 7: Minneapolis. This was the first year one of the SB ladies couldn't make it. Katie lives in China now and has an 7-month-old little girl. She wanted to come, but the jet lag was too much for Elsa to handle. So, it was the three of us, plus Lila.

We had such a wonderful time. Lila was amazing. And, as always, I'm already looking forward to next year. Three short days isn't long enough. I love those ladies. They brighten my life!

I flew to Minneapolis with few expectations of a great weekend. I was traveling with a 4.5-month-old baby. It could have been incredibly challenging. But, it was incredibly easy and amazing. Lila was a perfect baby in every way shape and form. She didn't cry once on the plane and she charmed everyone at the airport.

Jayne had planned a surprise party for a friend before we decided to schedule SB, so Smaifeld and I tagged along. She also lined up a babysitter so I could enjoy myself. With that knowledge, I packed my pump and planned some pumping and dumping so I could enjoy myself all night. With my pump safely secured in my purse, we set out for the night.

Lo and behold when I attempt to pump (in the bar bathroom, no less), I realized that I forgot a really important part of the pump in Denver. Crap. After three beers, that was not good news. When I broke the news to my friends, someone checked on their phone and discovered that there was a Target about five blocks away (oh, Minneapolis, bless you and your throngs of Target stores). So, I set out for a replacement. One $35 manual breast pump later, I was ready for bizness. The night took a serious turn for the better and I danced until 11:30. Oh yes, we sure are a wild bunch! Pump and PAR-TAY!

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