17 February 2011

Life at 4.5 Months

Lila is going to have serious second-child syndrome. I have to REMIND myself to take pictures at least once a month. By the time Benny was four months, we probably had at least 1,000 photos of him. I also kept track of all of his developments in a baby book. I haven't even found a baby book for Lila yet. So, this blog will serve as her baby log (blog if you will) until I get around to finally writing things down in ink.

What is life like at four months?

Well, Lila has great head control now. She can sit up with support and is much easier to carry around. She hates tummy time, but can push her upper body off the ground. No rolling over yet, but she's gotten quite close several times. The best development is her giggle and smile. She has to be in the mood to really charm people, but she can pull it out when needed. Today she giggled at me without prompting - just sat on her changing table and giggled.

Lila definitely recognizes me now and likes to smile at me. She wants to be a part of the action and will make lots of noise to get our attention. She LOVES to talk (rather, screech) at me when we're at home together. She's doing great at daycare. I am grateful that I get to spend two days a week at home with her.

Benny is still relatively ambivalent about Lila, but he isn't jealous. And I'm OK with that.

At her 4-month appointment, Lila weighed 14 lbs., 4 oz. She measured in at 24 inches. She is getting so big. She was 90th percentile for her height and 80th percentile for her weight. She's tracking just about the same as Benny.

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