28 September 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Lila Marie Brown. 365 days old. Using a spoon. Yes, using a spoon. She has a major streak of independence. As in, she wants to do what she wants to do and will let us know if we have gotten in her way. She says "Dada" with gusto and daga (for dog) with enthusiasm. So far, those seem to be her only discernable words. However, she has long discussions with Elmo on her new phone, with voice inflections and everything.

She is just like Benny and so unlike Benny in so many ways. I know that all babies develop differently, but it's difficult not to compare the two. Benny reached all of his milestones on the early side. He was walking by 10 months, had a small vocabulary by 12 months. But he has always been incredibly shy (although gotten much more social as he matures). Lila was social from day one. She isn't walking and is only saying two words, but she LOVES to be part of the action.

Happy birthday, baby girl. You have brought us so much joy!
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