18 September 2011

Lazy Weekend

"Lazy" weekend is a completely inaccurate title for this post, but only because we did very little "fun" stuff - I worked on Saturday morning and we weeded and mowed most of Sunday - I figure "busy" doesn't really doesn't do it justice either.

However, we did get some cute photos of the kids. Nate's dad and his step mom were in town on Friday night. Benny spent last week with them in Montrose and they were returning him to us. I missed the little guy a lot. And it's good to have him home. These are photos of breakfast at the famous Krameria Cafe. Famous in our family for many reasons that I can't go into here.

Look for my first "Green Means Go(od)" posting tomorrow. It's my effort to put up valuable information about a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle. Tomorrow's post will focus on cloth diapering, which I'm pretty passionate about. Until then...

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