26 September 2011

Cloth Diapering, Zoey Style

Thanks to my oldest and dearest friend, Caley, for writing about her cloth diapering adventures for this installment of Green Means Go(od). Caley's daughter, Zoey is 13 days younger than Lila. They would be best friends, just like their mamas, if we could only figure out how to get them together...

1. Top three reasons why you cloth diaper?

Cost: It's way cheaper to buy cloth diapers. The initial investment can be large, but it's worth it through the years. When we did use disposables, there goes another 35 cents in the trash was all we could think. We rented the smaller diapers, for 3 months for $75, until Zoey could fit into the diapers I had purchased. I have a lot because I can't say no to a cute pattern.

Environmental: We used disposables (seventh generation, non-
chlorine brands) for the first month before Zoey could fit into the rented diapers. With a newborn, every diaper change seems to turn into another change because they pee and poop constantly (it seems). We hated having to throw away all those diapers and thought again of the cost of each diaper in the trash. And running to the store all the time.

We try to recycle as much as we can. On a normal week, we have 3 recycling bins full and one tiny bag of trash. With disposables we had huge bags of smelly trash and had to leave our cans outside. And thinking of all those diapers going to a landfill for years and years was a horrible thought to us.

Our daycare loves them also and is glad not to have all that extra trash.

Health: Disposables to me, are like wrapping my daughters sensitive skin in a garbage bag. The chemicals used in a disposable can cause serious health risks, chemical burns, skin issues and countless health concerns in her future that I don't even want to think about. Diaper rash is rare with cloth.

2. Which brands do you use?

We use pockets. I have a lot of different brands because I like to try new ones and see what will fit Zoey the longest. Right now we have:
Gro-Via hybrid
GoGreen Pockets
Happy Heinys

3. What brand do you like best and why?

My top 3 tied brands are Blueberry, Thirsties, and Rumparoos.

I like the Blueberry brand because:
Made in USA
Quality construction and materials
Super cute colors and patterns
Lots of lining and insert options
Fits Zoey very well
With an extra liner, Zoey can wear it from 7pm-7am with no leaks.
One-size will fit Zoey until she's potty-learned

Made in USA
Quality construction and materials
Super cute colors and patterns
Liners are very absorbent
Leg gussets inside keep the poop in and fit tighter against Zoey's skinny legs
Size 2 will fit Z until she's potty-learned

Quality construction and materials
Super cute colors and patterns
Internal gusset in lining keeps messes channeled in
Fits Zoey very well
Liners are very absorbent
One-size will fit smaller babies through to potty-learning
With an extra liner, Zoey can wear it from 7pm-7am with no leaks.
(downer is they are made in China)

4. Any funny stories you'd like to share...

I have to hide new diapers from Brian. He thinks I am a nut job for buying so many. I sold 16 diapers so I could buy 10 new ones. And now the Blueberry 2011 prints are coming out!
I had lots of funny poop stories with disposables because they were always leaking. We don't have blow-outs or other leak issues with cloth.

I have helped 4 friends make the switch to cloth and all are happy they have. Well 1 has caught the cute diaper fever and keeps buying all the new, cute covers.


Katy said...

I'm a believer and I don't even have kids yet!

Whitaker's said...

I am excited to be trying cloth diapers this time around! My sister in law used them & showed me how easy they can be! Wish I would have known about them with my other 2 girls!

The Parks Family said...

Thank you, Caley for influencing us to switch to cloth! It can get addicting, but hey, its green! We love cloth!

Sara Struckman said...

Yay for cloth! Haley, I may ask you to write about your experience as a newbie :).