01 November 2012

Spooktacular Celebration! (aka Halloween 2012)

Happy November! I can't believe we're starting the 11th month of this year. Boggles my mind.

Halloween was a success again this year. Benny is at the perfect age for Halloween - he picks out his own costume, trick or treats without our constant supervision and generally has a great time. Lila is a little trickier. She loved her costume, but was in a pretty foul mood for Halloween. She refused to put her candy in her bag and preferred to carry it in both hands - along with a sippy cup of milk.She also refused to have her picture taken. She'll "get it" next year.

We continued the tradition of trick or treating with friends and neighbors and then gathering for a Halloween dinner. The kids had plenty of energy from all the candy they inhaled during the night. It's been fun to continue this tradition. The first year (2009), we just had two little boys dressed as Dumbo and a monkey. Then we had two little boys and a baby. Last year, there were six kids in the mix (from the original two!). Our neighbors moved with their two little boys. Our new neighbors have a little boy and girl, which makes the combination perfect. In the picture above, we're just missing Molly, who was also dressed as Dumbo.

Long story short: Halloween evenings have become increasingly chaotic, but have also increased in general cuteness and fun!

I'll post more about Benny's costume and our butternut squash feast soon!


Ann Wyse said...

The batman costume looks great!

Morgan said...

They are adorable! Thanks so much for joining in with Small Style!!

Yellow Finch Designs said...

Halloween = chaos ;) but in a fun way.

Stephanie Precourt said...

How fun!!