14 November 2012


Or, how to remove Vaseline from hair and get rid of cradle cap.

After a dramatic 48 hours, we were able to remove all of the Vaseline from Lila's hair. I should have consulted internet before washing her hair upwards of seven times with various soaps. Turns out, Palmolive did the trick.

The good news is that the Vaseline did remove all of Lila's cradle cap as well. If it returns, well, I think we'll let it be. Or we'll try another method of removal, including applying any oil (olive, tea tree, coconut) directly to her scalp with a Q-tip. Oh, and Nate is not allowed near our children's hair again. Ever.

Please note the non-greasy hair.
On a completely unrelated note, some days I forget that I'm so fortunate to stay at home with Lila three days a week. I have to wake her up most Mondays and Wednesdays to pick Benny up from school. I love watching her sleep for a few minutes before rousing her.

Today, we were also able to bike to meet a friend's new baby, have coffee with another friend and her daughter, bike to pick Benny up from school and now I get to watch Benny and Lila play together while I do laundry. Pretty happy with my life.

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