02 November 2011

Final Report: Homemade and Re-Used Halloween Costumes

Thanks for sitting through my homemade costume saga for this month's Green Means Go(od). The real theme for the month should have been: Struggling through the Process of Making a Costume from Scratch by a Mom Who Is Not Creative.

Although the helmet wasn't the greatest, I was really pleased with the rest of the costume. The piece de resistance was definitely the jet pack! And the red tape definitely pulled the whole costume together. Here are the details, in living color:

The front view, complete with a personalized space suit helmet. Toby and Thatcher accompanied Benny on his trick or treating adventures. They were so fun to watch this year!

And, of course, Lila's re-used costume. She looked absolutely adorable - even if she was completely clueless about Halloween.

Thanks again to Maggie for inspiring me to make and re-use costumes. Just about every kid at Benny's school had store-bought costumes. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just remember having homemade costumes every year. Now Benny and Lila can have the same memories. AND I feel good about not contributing to more waste - for at least one holiday.

Up for November's Green Means Go(od): Giving Up. I'll focus on giving things up as a way to become a more conscious consumer and eater.


ingrid said...

They all look fabulous and yep that jet pack is pretty amazing. Great job!

Sara Struckman said...

Thanks! For all my complaining, it was really fun to make!

Nana said...

Love the jet pack - so authentic- just what an astronaut requires!! Such a frog - she looks delightful in green! Adorable tots!!