27 December 2012

Everyday on a Bike // A Challenge

Happy (almost) New Year! Since it's time for resolutions, I have an idea: What if I can gather at least one picture of one person riding a bike for every day in 2013? I know I can take a picture of myself riding my bike most days - but not every day.

So, here's the challenge...

Find me on Instagram (sarastruckman) and post a picture or pictures of yourself or other people riding bike (or any picture of a bike will do so long as you rode on that day) any day of the year. Be sure to label them #everydayonabike. I'll be compiling photos throughout the month and highlight one rider and his/her/their story once a month. Or, if you don't have an Instagram account and still want to participate, email me your photo and story. *Based on the current Instagram "situation," I'll probably create a Flickr account for this challenge as well. Stay tuned.

Some months I'll post specific challenges, like riding to work or riding to school or riding in the snow or riding with kids or group rides, but feel free to post whenever and whatever you want - as long as it's on a bike (and in good taste of course!).

My motivation for this challenge is twofold: 1. I'd like to use it to motivate myself (and, by extension, my family) to ride my bike more and 2. I want to encourage others to consider biking as and easy and fun and empowering way to get around (sort of a mini-bike advocacy/community-building activity).

By December 31, 2013, I want to report that I have collected at least 365 photos of people riding - one for everyday of the year. Are you with me!?!


Bobbie said...

Great idea! I'd be happy to participate, just as soon as we're able to dig my bike out of the snow :)

Simply Bike said...

I love this series, Sara, great idea! I'll be sure to tag my photos on Instagram! It's 0F here this morning (!!!) and so I don't think we'll be pulling the bike out of the garage, but I'm hoping for warmer temps and more bike rides soon.


Sara Struckman said...

Can't wait to see your pictures, ladies! Perhaps the middle of winter isn't the best time to start a bike challenge :).

Casey said...

I love this! Thank you for sharing it with me!

Sara Struckman said...

Casey, looking forward to seeing some of your pictures!