12 September 2008

I Was There...

Sometimes things happen in places where I've been before. Sometimes I'm struck at the gravity of the situation because I was there. I have been looking at photos of Hurricane Ike on the Texas coast and I am reminded of a weekend Nate and I spent in Houston with some friends of ours three years ago. We drove to Houston to watch an Astros baseball game and decided to spend Sunday afternoon at the beach in Galveston.

We had planned the trip long before the ravaging winds and waters of Hurricane Katrina. But, as fate would have it, we stayed at a hotel with Katrina evacuees. It was the weekend after the storm and it was surreal to see people hauling all of their worldly possessions into the hotel in black garbage bags. Here I was, in Houston for vacation and recreation. Here they were, in Houston because their homes were flooded or worse.

So, I hope the people of Galveston and Houston don't have the same experiences as those in New Orleans. I can't help thinking, I was at that restaurant on the beach. I walked past that Victorian home. Here are some photos, if you're so inclined. Have a good weekend.

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