28 December 2012

December Day-By-Day, Week 4

Day 22: Decoration - Benny made an elf for our shelf at school. I like it.
Day 23: Joy Is Family Snuggle Time!
Day 24: Tradition - My sister has been giving everyone matching T-shirts for five or six years. It all started to coincide with a party my parents hosted a few years ago. Since then we've received shirts based on inside family jokes. This year the yellow shirts featured Goofy. My mom tells an amazing joke about Goofy messing around with Minnie Mouse.
Day 25: Lunch - Poor Lila was sick with the stomach flu for about four days. She didn't eat much, but when she did, she got bread and bananas.

Day 26: Mess - Nate gave me a juicer for Christmas. It was really a gift for the whole family. This is only about a quarter of the mess we made.

Day 27: Relax - We're hosting my brother, sister-in-law and baby nephew for the week. Doesn't he look positively relaxed? (Not to mention absolutely adorable!)
Day 28: Cold - Baby, it's cold outside. What to do in this type of weather? Why, eat delicious pho, of course! Lila insisted on using chopsticks with the noodles I gave her - with questionable success.

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