04 March 2009


I'm done with the writing stage for my dissertation! I have a full draft (minus the final chapter - the conclusion). I printed out an entire copy of the first six chapters the other day. It's massive! And although it's not perfect, it's better than I thought it was a couple of weeks ago. So now I settle down to edit. A "nearly finished" draft is due to my committee on April 1. That's less than a month away! But I'm not too stressed. I forgot that editing is MUCH easier than writing. I've been writing for what seems like years.

Once I turn in that "nearly finished" draft I'll just have to work on my bibliography and formatting the actual document. That's nothing! This process is nearly OVER and none too soon!

On top of all that news, we are finally all healthy and Benny has been a real treat the past few days. He's saying new words all of the time. At the park today someone was talking about a bucket and he just blurted out "bucket." He's also very interested in counting and the alphabet. He can even recognize a few letters now and he counts with us (although he's pretty hard to understand).

All in all, this winter is ending very, very nicely! Bring on spring!

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JIA said...

Congratulation Sara! I am so admiring you!