13 March 2009

First Stop: Husker-ville

As of 4 p.m. yesterday, I am on SPRING BREAK! It's my last "official" spring break. When I graduate next year, I won't have an excuse to party for a week at the beginning of spring. OK, OK, I don't necessarily party for a week. But, for the past five years, three friends and I meet up for a weekend of girl time. I look forward to this weekend for nearly an entire year.

This year, we're meeting up in Ames, Iowa (in past years, we've met up in more "glamorous" locations like San Diego and San Francisco). We have a schedule based on our favorite restaurants from college. La Fuente tonight. Cafe Beaudelaire later tonight. Stomping Grounds tomorrow morning.

I feel like I need a break more this year than any other year. Benny is staying with my mom and I'm footloose and fancy free until Sunday! Last night I stayed in Lincoln with my Pretty Girl friend. This afternoon we're off to Ames!

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Katy said...

Spring break last year when your friends came to CO is when Scott and I thought that 4 girls and a guy lived in your apartment. We thought Nate was the boy toy and we nicknamed your apartment "Lipstick Jungle" We had just moved in and didn't know you guys yet. ha ha ha. Lipstick Jungle.. little did we know.