19 June 2009

Who Knew...

Life's path is not always predictable. Rather, it's never predictable. About a year and a half ago I found a support group for moms with postpartum depression. Today I was offered a job at the organization that sponsors the support group. Who knew that having postpartum depression would one day lead to a job.

After I stopped going to the support group (when I was "better"), the facilitators contacted me to help facilitate the group. I was happy for the opportunity. The support group was a major component in my recovery. When I saw that Mental Health America of Colorado (the nonprofit that sponsors the group) had an opening for a grants and publications coordinator, it seemed like a perfect match.

So, now I'm gainfully employed. I'll find out the specifics next week. Benny has a spot in daycare. I'm ready to start. Sort of. I'm having a hard time thinking about putting Benny in daycare full time. I hate the thought of not seeing him all day everyday. But, this will definitely be good for both of us and I certainly realize that I am lucky to have spent two full years at home with him.


Katy said...

What a perfect position for you! That's so great. I'm really happy for you!!!

Jolly Green Mama said...

don't feel badly about daycare. honora had her nanny until this may, when we moved to boston. now, she's in daycare almost full-time (m-th). she is doing even more amazing than when she was home with one-on-one attention! the social aspect and bonding with other caring adults is such a great thing for tykes. i'm really happy, and my apprehension has been assuaged!