31 January 2010

BIG Boy Bed

There are now few things standing in the way of Benny becoming a big boy. He eats by himself (with utensils, I might add), drinks out of regular cups (sometimes spitting and/or bubbling his liquid of choice - we're working on that), washes his own hands, brushes his own teeth, and wants to do nearly everything "by myself."

We added another big boy task to the list tonight: sleeping in a big boy bed. We had planned to start the weekend off by converting the bed. Alas, Nate was out on Friday night and I didn't have the mental brain power to take apart the crib and reassemble it as a bed. I was out on Saturday night, so no-can-do there. Today we had an appointment with destiny.

Which is just as well, as it turns out. Last night Benny climbed out of bed when he was upset with Nate for not getting him a cup of water. I guess if you give a kid enough motivation, he will scale the seemingly unscalable rungs on his crib. And so, tonight was the night. Benny and Nate converted the crib this afternoon and Benny was in love. He laid on the bed, rolled - ever so gently - out of the bed. Sat on it. Read on it. Spent a good portion of the late afternoon/early evening on it.

Truth be told, we were a little worried about bed time and the stay-put factor. But, since Benny decided not to take a nap today, we didn't have to worry about that much. By the time I finished singing all of the songs on my bed time play list, Benny was snoring. He's out cold now. I have a feeling the long-term transition may be a little more challenging. For now, he's the cutest sleeping big boy I know.

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Katy said...

ahhhhhh. You should post pictures of his big boy room. I want to see that green.