18 July 2010

Potty Talk Revisited

Apparently the secret to successful potty training is to push and push and push and just about give up. Then, bam! Your kid decides to surprise you and start requesting the potty. After my cyber meltdown last week, Nate and I struggled with what our next step would be. Nate advocated for maintaining the status quo - keep Benny in big boy pants until he decided to start going in the potty. I was convinced this route result in 1) a UTI since Benny was holding it for so long and 2) urine puddles all over our house, his school, and anywhere we visited.

On Thursday I picked Benny up from school and he was wearing the SAME pants he was wearing when I dropped him off. Could this be? Did he go the whole day without wetting his pants? It's true, he did. On Friday, I decided to keep him in underpants. Why not? Before we left the house for the day, he performed the potty dance. I thought we were in for a big accident. Then he told me he needed to use the potty and went both pee AND poop. We were both elated. We attended his first play that day: Rapunzel. He asked to go potty when we first got there and asked to go again during the play. I couldn't believe it!

The rest of the weekend has been a breeze. He asks to go to the potty and we go. The pooping isn't going so smoothly, but we're on our way!

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