08 August 2010

Preggers Faux Pas

As I get bigger and bigger with child, it's amazing to sit back and listen, really LISTEN to what people say to me as a pregnant woman. Of course, I try to take compliments well and other comments with grace, but sometimes I wonder what people are actually thinking when they comment on my appearance. Because I think most people are well-meaning, I thought I'd include some inappropriate things to say to a pregnant woman as well as some flattering comments (even if they're not true).

When a woman is pregnant, she knows how big she's getting. She's perfectly aware that her body is being contorted in ways that seem impossible. So, saying things like "You're getting so big!" "Are you sure you're not having twins?" or "Wow, you seem to have gained some weight" are all bad options. Also, don't try to guess a pregnant woman's due date. I can't tell you how many people guessed - at 8 months - that I was due any day. And then, to add insult to injury, they would often follow up with, "You're not due for another eight weeks, wow. Are you sure?" Yes, we're sure, people. We are most definitely sure.

I love, love, love the people who recognize that expressing disbelief at my body size is probably inappropriate. Rather, they focus on the positive: "I love the way you carry - it's all out front!" "You're all belly," and the like will go a long way to make a pregnant woman feel good about herself. The best compliment yet: "You look great! A lot of pregnant women would be envious of you." It might not be true, but those words certainly are nice to hear.


Katy said...

sometimes people just have zero filter! I think you should post a preg pic, so we can all see how great you look.

Hope said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I have been shocked by some of the things people say and try to remind myself that they just don't know better or don't realize how bad it sounds (and feels).