07 November 2010

The Name Explained

I want to post more photos of Lila, but Nate forgot our camera at work, so I have to wait until Tuesday to upload more pictures. We have some great ones of Halloween! Such a fun night.

In the meantime, I thought I would explain Lila's name. Many people have commented that it's a beautiful name. And it is. But Lila Marie is also very special to us.

Lila is Arabic for night. Marie is English for bitter. We didn't choose the names for their meanings. Nate's grandma's name is Lila and my mom's middle name is Marie. Lila is named after two of the most amazing women in our lives.

While I'm explaining names, I'll also explain Benny's name: Benjamin Jasper Brown. Nate's mom passed away six months before Benny was born. It breaks my heart that she never got to meet her grandchildren. We decided that we wanted to use her initials, BJB, for Benny. Benjamin was the only "B" name we could agree to. We spend part of our honeymoon in Jasper National Park in Canada.

I felt strongly that our kids have meaningful names. I am happy that they are named after three strong women who have influenced our lives in profound ways.

In other news, Lila is now SIX weeks old! She's gaining weight like crazy and already has rolls on her thighs and has a double chin! Lovely little Lila!

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