29 March 2011

Lila: 5 Months (Solids, Smiling, Dancing)

Once again, I'm a wee bit late posting pictures of Lila. Those posted above capture Lila at five months. She is now six months. Ah well. She accomplished a lot in a short little month, including eating solids, rolling over, and babbling (currently she says dada, baba, and gaga). I had to include a picture of her amazing gravity defying hair and the best onesie ever (Dance It Out, Baby). The poor girl also has a perpetual stuffy/runny nose. We have to clear her out regularly. Sometimes she doesn't mind it. But mostly she hates it.

Also, looking at these pictures, it appears that we dress her in pink all of the time. She does wear a lot of pink (thanks to the generosity of friends and their hand-me-downs), but she wears a lot of other colors too. I have to balance my loathing of pink with the benefits of used clothes. It's not the absolute worst conundrum to face.

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Jolly Green Mama said...

she is so dang cute! miss you all already