23 March 2011

Walk It Off

I encountered my first challenge to my 365 Days of Movement goal yesterday (a mere three days into the project). I had to attend a meeting after work and didn't get home until nearly 7. I picked Lila up as soon as I walked in the door and talked to Benny about his day. After about 15 minutes of giggling together, we transitioned quickly to Lila's bedtime routine of bath, jams, dancing, asleep. Benny hopped in the tub. We read stories. It was 8:15 - perfect, enough time for a walk. Then Benny started what we call his bedtime negotiations. He needs a drink, asks for a snack, anything, anything to avoid bedtime. After a half glass of cold water (because water out of the tap just won't do), he got in bed. Then he protested that we didn't cuddle long enough.

When I finally emerged from his room, it was nearly 8:45. I still had a long list of things to do to prepare for the morning: Fill bottles, make Lila's food for daycare, lay out clothes for the three of us, review taxes, shower, etc., etc., etc. It was sooooo tempting to skip the walk. But, I made a commitment to MOVE, so I changed out of my work clothes. As soon as I stepped outside into the cool spring evening, I knew I made the right choice. I walked 30 minutes - not a minute more. It was so worth it! And I still made it to bed by 10:30! Maybe this project won't be so hard after all!

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