30 March 2011

Benny Update

Lila has been the subject of most of my blog posts lately. It's not because Benny doesn't do anything cool or fun or amazing. It's because Lila is changing so rapidly and I need to capture that development. Benny, however, continues to amaze us.

Benny now proudly exclaims that he's "three and a half" to anyone who asks. He has become quite the little man. He loves his friends (Toby, Thatcher, Theo and Honora are his best friends, followed closely by several friends at school). We are so lucky to have some great neighbors with kids Benny's age. When we get home for the night, he asks "Can we go to Theo's (Toby's, Thatcher's...) house tonight?" We have spent many a night grilling with neighbors. Sometimes these evenings end with a bath.

Benny has also become helpful around the house. He clears his plate from the table and picks up his shoes and coat and puts them away. He enjoys cooking with me and shoveling with Nate. Now that spring is here, Nate and Benny spend hours in the backyard doing "hard work," which mostly involves Benny shoveling dirt or picking up worms or jumping from one thing to another.

This weekend Benny will start soccer practice. He picked out some soccer shoes and shin guards with Nate this weekend. I can't believe he's old enough to play soccer! Luckily, we found a league where Benny, Toby and Thatcher will play on the same team: the Red Cardinals. More posts about the new soccer adventure soon!

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