09 March 2011

Just Roll With It

Lila is officially rolling over. Check that: She was officially rolling over about two weeks ago, but I never got to actually see her roll over. On Sunday, we were hanging out in her room. She was pushing herself up and looking around. Suddenly, without much effort, she was on her back! It was so effortless that it took me a minute to realize what had happened. She continued the trend on Monday when she rolled over three times in a row.

Speaking of rolling with it, I feel like the whole family is doing a great job of rolling with it. I've had a hard time letting go of things - like keeping the house super clean. But, in the spirit of rolling with it, I'm not letting clutter and dirty dishes ruffle my feathers as much as they used to. Making it through the day is still exhausting, but it's getting easier. Both of the kids go to bed at the same time - between 8 and 8:30 - which gives Nate and me at least an hour of alone time. Last night we sat at the table and talked - without interruption - for over an hour. We also enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine. I'm proud of us "rolling with it" for the past couple of months to get to this place.

Benny, for all of his love of routine, is also an expert in rolling with it. Seriously, change doesn't phase him. He still wants to follow a pretty specific routine before bed: jams, books, teeth, water, snuggling (with Bob and Elmo), and back rubs. But other than that, he mostly encounters change with an effortlessness similar to that of Lila's new skill.

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