10 May 2013

Bike to School Day 2013

It just occurred to me today that a Bike to School Day is probably happening soon. Turns out, it was scheduled for Wednesday, May 8. Lucky for us, nearly every day is a bike to school day. I don't have any photos of Wednesday's ride, but I do distinctly remember that the bike racks were at capacity and I nearly took a picture of them. It made me so happy to see so many bikes at school.

On Wednesday I did bike to the University of Denver for the first time, so I guess I did it on an appropriate day. The ride was a total of 16 miles round trip and it was relatively easy (light traffic, few hills). I'll definitely be riding to teach more often.

Bike to Work Day is scheduled for June 26 in Denver. I've never had the opportunity to participate, so this year I'm definitely scheduling a meeting away from my home office so I can get in on the action.

I'm also working on organizing a Walking School Bus for Benny and his friends in the neighborhood next year. It's a simple concept - two or more families take turns walking their children to school. It can be as small or as large as needed. The Bike Train is another organized way to get to school - and we already do that on occasion. The only catch? Lila's daycare is two blocks away from Benny's school, so I'd have to make my way there three days a week anyway.

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