23 May 2013

Nine. Whole. Years.

Many years ago, I received the best advice about marriage. A friend of the family shared that while marriage is great, it's also a lot of work. Every single day. At the time, I was nowhere near ready to marry. I hadn't even met Nate yet. But I tucked that piece of advice away and retrieve it on a pretty regular basis.

Being married to Nate is great. I love him and I even like him. But marriage has been a lot of work. Every single day. We share many things - viewpoints, ideas, passions. But we disagree too. And I think that's healthy. Like most married couples, we could do better at communicating with each other. We could be more considerate to each other.

Yesterday, we celebrated nine years of being married. Although I think it's more important to note that we've been together for nearly 13 years! Anniversaries are a nice time to reflect on the year and the relationship. Every year, I'm happy to be sharing this life of mine with Nate. He makes me laugh. He is a wonderful father. He cares about his family. He likes to have a good time. But most importantly, he's the best kind of person to have in my corner. He is supportive. And when the going gets tough, he is my rock. 

Happy anniversary, Nate. We have created a meaningful life with each other and our two greatest achievements, Benny and Lila, bring us joy every single day. I couldn't ask for a better partner.


Simply Bike said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!! You look like babies in that top photo! You have such a beautiful family, I always love keeping up with you on here and I can't wait for your Iowa visit this summer. Hopefully we'll get to meet Lila and Benny then too and C. can enjoy some new play mates :)

PS: I hope you celebrated your anniversary with a bike date. I expect nothing less from you at this point.

Introduction to Media & Culture said...

S., I can't believe how young we look then! (Or how much we've aged in nine years!) I'll email you soon about the Iowa trip. Just got confirmation that all of the ladies will be in town. Gonna be fun! I'm bringing my bike so I'm hoping to get some rides in :).

emily -- a denver home companion said...

great advice. it's so hard sometimes but expecting that marriage takes work has, oddly helped. happy (belated) anniversary!

Introduction to Media & Culture said...

Thanks, Emily! Yes, it is odd to have the expectation that it will be hard. But it's helped me too. Especially during the rough patches.